Trading Ke Practical - 8th Quarter!

Your favourite TKP is about to enter its 7th quarter! 7th quarter will be remarkable, memorable and one that you will enjoy the most and of course you just have to be a part of it!! This season’s warcry is “Taming Momentum”! This season, we master the tools needed to anticipate and capture bursts of momentum in stocks and options! We learn to play momentum like pros! This TKP quarter will have some exciting new strategies and concepts for momentum investing and momentum based trading!! 

What is new in TKP 8 ?

– Strategies and indicators that isolate and capture momentum.
– Using Options to maximise yield while trading on momentum.
– A proprietary indicator that is suited for momentum trading.
– Combining news triggers with chart momentum.
– Placing hard stops on losses.
– Dealing with bad patches and losses.
– CANSLIM for momentum Investing.

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