Equityrush is a research house that focuses on using technical analysis to interpret the markets. Besides providing actionable advice and high end research to a large number of professional investors and brokerage houses, we have been running highly professional courses in technical analysis for market professionals and traders. Our courses are by far the standard in the industry and have been chosen by over 2000 students of various profiles and experience. We have helped our students to acquire practical in-depth knowledge and understanding of capital markets, the intracacies of trading in a world class format. Our students include pensioners who discovered the joys of the markets after they retired from their regular jobs to professional analysts who knew the theory but could barely cut it in the real ruthless world of trading. Our past students include successful traders, analysts at top brokerages and AMCs, professors and lecturers, teachers and trainers, media professionals and television anchors and most importantly people who now depend on trading for their living. Some of our alumni have done us proud by appearing on business channels as market experts and analysts. We have made it our mission to demystify technical analysis and make it accessible to a common investor who wants to learn the art that is trading through the science that is technical analysis.

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Our team is led by Mr. Kunal Saraogi, Technical Analyst, and Specialist Trader with several years of experience as a fund manager, trainer, and market commentator. He has done pioneering work in developing and testing technical analysis based setups and was the first to offer structured education in technical analysis in India. Mr. Saraogi regularly appears on top business channels like CNBC TV18, CNBC Awaaz, Zee Business, ET Now, and Doordarshan to share his views on the markets and the economy. Investing in the stock market can be hugely rewarding but the trouble is the reward is hard to find without attendant risk. We are a group of analysts that focus on both these elements of investing that is reward and risk. We have chosen to use technical analysis, use of historical price data and charts to interpret market action, which we feel is by far the most effective tool available to investors to limit their risks and maximize reward.

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We have taken it upon ourselves to popularize the use of technical analysis and help it get the status it deserves as the most effective technique available to investors trying to understand the markets and make trading and investing decisions. We train investors of all profiles in technical analysis through our popular short term course that has already benefited several hundred people including professional traders & analysts, stock brokers and investment advisors, financial journalists and most importantly a large number of small investors. Besides our courses, we offer another highly effective product to investors who are looking to make more informed investment decisions that is our research reports. Our reports are a detailed analysis of the Indian equity and commodity markets and come with our buy and sell recommendations on a large number of stocks and commodities we have coverage on. We conduct workshops and seminars all over the country to whet the interest of traders and help them see the advantages of using technical analysis while making trading decisions.

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